True confessions time: For the last three weeks, I’ve been in TV detox. Aside from the occasional Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica episode (and my usual diet of horse racing), I’ve barely turned on the telly. In fact, my DVR has taken to sending me adorable e-cards in an effort to reconnect. (She knows I’m a sucker for pictures of kittens hanging from tree branches.)

Tonight, however, my sabbatical ends with the series premiere of Showtime’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl. EW’s TV critic Gillian Flynn gives the half-hour dramedy an A- in our latest issue, and I concur. Call Girl is sexy, smart, and intermittently hilarious, and series star Billie Piper (pictured) is downright revelatory in the title role of Hannah/Belle. I’ve already zipped through the first four episodes (thanks to Showtime’s preview discs) but I’m planning to rewatch the pilot tonight; it’s that fantastic. (We’ll also have a TV Watch on the show on tomorrow morning!) (Update: Click here to read it!)

Of course, with my unfortunate tele-fast coming to its inevitable end, here’s what I want to know: What other current and upcoming TV series should I be adding to my DVR schedule? I’ve already got My Life on the D List in the queue, and I’m secretly pre-obsessed with NBC’s The Baby Borrowers. Give me a list of three additional shows worth watching. (Yes, I’m putting a limit on your list — ’cause I’m strict like that!)