The actress tells us why she excited to be Donna again, how often she thinks she's going to appear, and what she hopes her grown-up character's like
Tori Spelling
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Donna Martin may have graduated, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone: Tori Spelling has agreed to return to 90210. Or, should we say, she’s agreed to recur on 90210, the CW’s upcoming spin-off of the classic Fox series. While details are still being worked out — she’ll play the owner of a high-end boutique — we asked Spelling for some early scoop.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: No-brainer or tough decision to return to the 90210 fold?
TORI SPELLING: I wanted to come back as soon as they called me. I was really, really excited. I owe everything to our 90210 fans. I would be nothing without them, and they’ve always been so loyal. They’re not just still around; we get new fans every day because of the reruns, so it just goes from generation to generation. And to be honest, I miss playing her. I played her for 10 years, and she was a huge part of me, so to be able to go back and not just do some stupid reunion show, but actually revisit the character and play her again was really exciting to me.

What can you tell us about your participation?
I know I’m going to be in the first episode. I’m going to be recurring after that, and obviously I’m playing Donna again. Because [people] were all confused, like, ”Who are you coming back as?” And I’m like, ”Donna! Like, who else?” I know she’s going to be in fashion, and we haven’t addressed yet whether she’s still married to David or where she’s at in that respect. I’m kind of curious.

Would you like for Donna to be married to David?
I have this weird vision that maybe she’s not married. Maybe at some point she really wanted a career, and became a driven career woman, making it in the fashion world, and now she’s at the stage where she’s like, ”I’m not married, I don’t have kids,” and it cost her her relationship? I don’t know — that’s some stupid vision I have. Because she and David were such the high school sweethearts, everything was so goody-goody, and I’m like, well, maybe that’s not the reality. It’d put a twist on it. [My husband] Dean likes to say that he hopes that just like real life, she’s on her second marriage — and it’s with a hot Canadian.

How often will you appear on the show?
It’s not determined yet because the scripts aren’t written yet. I know ideally they’d like to integrate the new generation of kids on the show with the original generation of 90210 people, so you get all the viewers. Their goal was not just to attract young people to watch this new generation show. What’s a better word for young?

Hey, that means I’m not fresh? [Laughs] I’m on my second child, we know I’m not fresh.

The next generation?
Perfect. My dad always wanted to do a new 90210, and he was going to call it: 90210: The Next Generation.

Are you trying to recruit other original 90210 cast members for the show? We know Jennie Garth will also be appearing.
Jennie and I have been talking about it back and forth because they came to both of us. It shouldn’t be hard for them to get people. I don’t know if they want everybody or just people to come in and out, but I’m really excited it’s me and Jennie, because we were best friends on the show, and we are still really close in real life. So that just worked out perfect — we didn’t even plan it that way.

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