TV-on-DVD Cliff's Notes -- Which episodes to watch to catch up on ''Californication'' and ''Burn Notice''

TV-on-DVD Cliff’s Notes

Intrigued by Showtime’s Californication or USA’s Burn Notice but pressed for time? We pick the episodes to see on their season 1 DVDs.

Ep. 2 Hank Moody (David Duchovny) wrote a nihilistic novel that became a ”craptastic” film with Tom and Katie. Now he blogs for Hell-A magazine.
Ep. 10 When his agent’s (Evan Handler) marriage falls apart, Hank cheers him up…with a threesome!
Ep. 12 He bedded his baby-mama’s stepdaughter-to-be (Madeline Zima), who stole his new book to pass off as her own. Now baby-mama wants him back.

Burn Notice
Ep. 1 Blacklisted spy Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) aids Miami’s most desperate, like a single dad falsely accused of theft.
Ep. 8 His hot ex (Gabrielle Anwar), a former gunrunner, makes him jealous by shacking up with a bail jumper.
Ep. 11 The people who ”burned” Michael target his family. He goes ballistic, even though his brother’s a con man and Mom’s a chain-smoking hypochondriac.

Burn Notice
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