Tori Spelling's TV choices -- The former ''90210''-er hawks ''Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood'' and atones for ''Co-Ed Call Girl''

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Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
We no longer have the inn, which is a burden off our backs. We chronicle my whole pregnancy, which is filled with the gamut of emotions. There’s a lot of highs with my book, sTori Telling — and conflicts and drama with my mom about it…. There’s a jealous aspect to me this season — Dean’s scuba instructor is 21 and hot. I was constantly asking questions. I started to check his e-mails, which is crazy…. [Son] Liam is another reason to watch. He’s a little ham, which makes [pug] Mimi La Rue uncomfortable. She used to steal scenes and get dressed for every scene, but now she’s in the background and she’s naked, so she’s pissed.

Sorry About That
Co-Ed Call Girl (1996 TV movie)
Should I start with the title? I mean, that says it all. I was young and probably thinking, ”I get to play the sexy girl!”… I remember I had on this tight little skirt, high boots, and my hair was platinum. I was at a sleazy motel with some gross guy — I was the hooker he called — and as I’m running from him down the street, I was like, ”Ooh, I dunno…this might have been a mistake.” You know how there are things where, after the fact, you’re like, ”Why didn’t my friends tell me?” Co-Ed Call Girl, my first marriage — I’m not comparing the two, because he was a great guy and the movie was a piece of s—, but I’m just saying: The friends could’ve spoken.