We rate pop culture for the week of June 20, 2008 including a ''Golden Girls'' reunion, ''Kung Fu Panda'', Jordin Sparks, and more

· Word of the summer: Skadoosh
· The sudden epiphany that Jordin Sparks has put out three good songs in a row. (Download ”One Step at a Time”)
· Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. creates a great new villain: Dr. Henry Killinger
· Bullseye’s childhood idol Betty White returns to Password, reunites with Dorothy and Blanche on TV Land Awards

Near Misses
·Gayest movie ever + gayest art form ever = Brokeback: the opera
· Fergie, please go away for at least a minute
· Leonardo DiCaprio signs on to play creator of Atari. Finally, the elusive project that will attract both the Titanic and Pong demos

· Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: Not so funny when it’s real, is it?
· Lonely man Brody Jenner‘s search for Bromance on MTV.
· Lamest reality show in history (and no, we don’t give that award without careful consideration): The Mole.