My Mom's New Boyfriend

She hasn’t been America’s sweetheart in years, but has she really been reduced to donning a fat suit for this limp romantic comedy costarring Antonio Banderas? If for nothing else than the health of Meg Ryan’s career, I hope her new feature film, The Women, opening in theaters Sept. 12, is a hit. Because Ryan’s latest release is a woeful direct-to-DVD romantic comedy called My Mom’s New Boyfriend; it reminds us how far the Sleepless in Seattle/You’ve Got Mail star’s star has fallen. In New Boyfriend, Ryan’s Marty falls for a suspected art thief. Colin Hanks, as her FBI-agent son, tries to scotch the romance. Ryan begins the film in fake-looking fat-suit makeup, so she can soon slim down to become ”hot,” as numerous folks refer to her. She’s playing a kooky free spirit in the manner of her biggest hits, but Ryan just looks strained; she mugs too much in an effort to give the lame punchlines a little oomph. And there are no sparks between her and Banderas. After over a decade of trying to alter her flaky-charmer image in serious-minded flops ranging from Restoration (1995) to In the Cut (2003), Ryan sure deserves a break. But she doesn’t get it here. C-

My Mom's New Boyfriend
  • Movie
  • 97 minutes