I was all set to write a scathing PopWatch post this morning about how that skateboarding dog in the ads for CBS’ Greatest American Dog should not be allowed on the show. He was on Oprah, and I only want to see amateur dogs compete for the title. Fortunately, however, I just learned that GAD‘s skateboader is named Tillman (pictured, left), while Oprah‘s was Tyson (pictured, right). Controversy averted. Whew.

Meet the contestants for Greatest American Dog, premiering July 10, below. (Let me know if any of them are famous.) And tell me: How wrong is it that the loser of each canine challenge has to sleep in a doghouse in the backyard? It’s only cruel because you know that none of those dogs has ever seen a doghouse before, and it’s not like they chose to be on a competitive reality show.