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Feedback from our readers

Birds of Prey
As a fan of Lloyd Kaufman’s since The Toxic Avenger, I’m giving you props for showing some love to the Troma film Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (Movies, #994). It’s a shame my local multiplexes couldn’t find room for this undeniably original movie. That’s pretty clucked-up.
Scott Milletics
Camp Hill, Pa.

Undiscovered Country
The cover of your Summer Music Preview (#994) read, ”All the Hottest Albums & Tours,” so I excitedly thumbed through the issue. But I found out that apparently country music barely exists.
Calvin Fleck
Red Deer, Alberta

I just wanted to tell you that the Summer Music Preview was another great issue.
Rory Smith
Bradenton, Fla.

Baby-Boom Fever
I can totally relate to Mark Harris’ Final Cut about the middle-aging of pop culture, ”Hollywood Wants Me?!” (#994). Thanks for a wonderful commentary for the 40-year-olds out there.
Amy Schaub
Colorado Springs

Mad About ‘Men’
I’ve been a fan of Mad Men since the beginning (Summer TV Preview, #995/996). I inherited my grandparents’ 1960s photo albums, which chronicled work parties and backyard barbecues. The show brings it all to life with intriguing dialogue and period-perfect sets. Bravo, Mad Men! May it get the audience it deserves!
Guen Wischmann
Knoxville, Tenn.

Mad Men takes us back to a time that was beautiful on the outside — but not on the inside.
Mary Brick
Centreville, Va.

Truth or Injustice?
I have to take exception to much of ”Why I Hate Superheroes” (#995/996). As with any genre, there’s going to be junk mixed in with greatness. And if your best example of the good old days of popcorn action movies is Armageddon, you need to reexamine your idea of quality.
Barry C. Miller
Santa Barbara

You said it: Enough with the men in tights! I like teen-boy fare, but it’s not good if studios think putting the word Marvel or DC before the credits is enough.
Karina Montgomery
San Diego

Unlike Chris Nashawaty, I was one of those kids who grew up reading comics with a flashlight in bed. To people like me, the dominance of superheroes in theaters is a dream come true. Right now is our time — just deal with it.
Dave Rousseau
Spokane, Wash.