I’m teetering on Taylor Swift overload (she’ll co-host TRL June 16 through June 19) but I’ll admit that I’m pysched for her MTV special, Once Upon a Prom, premiering June 21 at 3 p.m ET. The 18-year-old country singer missed her own prom, so she’s going on the arm of one lucky senior at Hillcrest High in Tuscaloosa, AL. The hour-long special will follow Swift as she selects her stag (from among 40 dateless teens), finds her dress, and experiences all the awkward and awesome moments generally associated with the night. Throughout the day on June 21, she’ll be on MTV introducing segments covering over-the-top prom fashions and shocking moments. (Celebs and viewers alike will also dish on their wild nights.)

Let’s open up the Confessional in the meantime, and share our prom songs. If I’m remembering correctly, 10,000 Maniacs’ “These are Days” was the theme for my senior prom in 1993, which would’ve been cool had someone bothered to tell the DJ so he could’ve brought it. Boo.