Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk
Credit: Everett Collection

Granted, they’re biased, but the producers of The Incredible Hulk have their doubts as to whether TV viewers really want to see another small-screen version of the mythical tale. “When you look at these amazing stories, you realize they work so well on the big screen,” explains producer Avi Arad, whom caught up with at the Hulk premiere. “You can always go to the small screen [after doing a big-screen version], but it is very hard to go the other way. TV is free for the most part, and if you can make a blockbuster film, why wouldn’t you? I think the effects just look and sound better big and loud. TV doesn’t work within the same budgets either, so it would be hard to pull off shows with lots of effects.”

“The main obstacle I see to these characters getting live-action TV series is the cost,” continues producer Gale Ann Hurd. “Fans have high expectations on how the show, the characters, and the effects will look, and that is easier to accomplish with a film budget. I don’t think we could ever run something like a Hulk TV series now and get away with it. It was great in the ’70s — don’t get me wrong — but tastes have evolved and the audience is more sophisticated now.”

At least one hardcore Hulk man is keeping an open mind. Hulk co-creator Stan Lee, who has a cameo in the latest remake, believes somebody will take another stab at a TV version someday (in the short term, Marvel will likely focus on a Hulk sequel if the latest film, starring Edward Norton, exceeds expectations at the box office). “I loved the old Hulk series, and obviously I am into this kind of story, so I’d watch a new show,” says Lee.

So what do you think, Hulk fans? Can — or should — a studio try to top Bix Bixby on the small screen?