Jeff Bridges, Robert Downey Jr., ...

Marvel Studios wasted no time getting the buzz cycle going for a sequel to Iron Man, announcing an April 2010 premiere date for the second movie in the franchise just days after the first one opened. Exciting, right? In a Q&A with at the time, Robert Downey Jr. had some fun batting around potential ideas for Iron Man 2, while director Jon Favreau was a little more guarded, telling EW’s Adam B. Vary, “We’ve been speaking informally about it, and in concept we would all love to work together again.” But this week, Favreau took directly to his MySpace blog to answer fans’ questions, and wound up admitting he was “concerned” about that April 2010 target (h/t): “Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this…we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation.” What’s more, he thinks we’re hearing all this urgency mostly beacause “there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product.”

You’ve gotta give Favreau credit for being so honest with his public. And I think he has a good point here. Iron Man was pretty cool, but what’s the point of taking the time to craft a movie that upends critical expectations to the point where some people start talking Oscar if you’re just going to rush out a follow-up on the assembly line? Or you tell me. Did you love the first movie so much that you’re desperate for another right away, even if that means the cast and crew have to work on the fly? (On a semi-related note, anyone besides me extremely happy to learn that Favreau plans to rescue Ghostface Killah’s lost cameo from the cutting-room floor for the Iron Man DVD?)