An astute reader (thanks “Elipsos B”!) has pointed out that during his pre-taped rehearsal and interview, Gev wore a shirt with the unmistakable image of one of the hooded Abu Ghraib prisoners with electrodes on either hand and draped in an American flag. Watching it again, it is literally all I can look at, but somehow I missed it the first time through:

I don’t feel too bad about that though, since apparently no one at Fox (Fox!) caught it either — and I really cannot believe this network in particular would let something so baldly political come anywhere near their summer cash cow. (Heck, last year Nigel felt it necessary to apologize for Wade Robson’s “Waiting on the World to Change” routine, and all the dancers wore then were t-shirts with the words “peace” and “compassion” written on them.)

Did you catch Gev’s shirt? Do you think rehearsals for a disco routine (or for that matter, any form of reality TV programming) are an appropriate place for such a statement? And do you think it affects Gev’s chances of making it through to the next week? — Adam B. Vary

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