Kanye West
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Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee, where I’m warming up for the biggest music festival of the summer. Hard to believe it’s been a year already, but Bonnaroo starts today — and I need your help! Seven stages/tents, plus comedy, plus movies… there’s no way one little girl and her camera can cover it alone. So if you’re not making it to the festival this year, let me know which acts you’d especially like to hear about (you can find the full schedule here); I’ll try to cover things that interest you guys, if they don’t interfere with the Drive By Truckers, Chris Rock, Willie Nelson, My Morning Jacket, Pearl Jam, Cat Power, etc. And if you’re stuck at home and bored, why not pitch in? You can hear/watch most things in the AT&T Blue Room — barring any unfortunate censorship scandals, that is, and did I mention Pearl Jam are on the bill this year? — so why not write up what you’re seeing in the comments? If we all work together, it’ll seem like there’s a lot more than one of me out in the fields of Manchester. Go team us!

And finally, I need your help with a prickly issue. Everyone’s favorite egomaniac-with-the-skills-to-back-it-up, Kanye West (pictured), is playing the ‘Roo in a Saturday slot that has recently been moved to (deep breath) 2:45-4:15 AM. That is AM, people, essentially a Sunday sunrise service. Now. I like Mr. West as much as the next person. I’m also a very highly functioning insomniac. But I find myself cringing at the thought of pushing through Phil Lesh, Sigur Ros, Ghostland Observatory, Lupe Fiasco, and like 15 minutes of Talib Kweli to get to this event, especially since every additional act I see has to be blogged about before Sunday morning dawns. So, PopWatchers: Given that Kanye has recently told my colleage Chris Willman to kill himself (and the rest of us on the EW staff to “f— off”)… do I stick around or not?

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