Ever get pissed at one of those “In order to love you, I have to let you go” endings? (See: The Bodyguard. There’s no reason that Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner couldn’t be together since he’s no longer protecting her, and we’ve already suspended belief enough to see them together in the first place.) Or, maybe there’s an ambiguous ending that’s always annoyed you. (They start conversations, yes, but sometimes what we’re saying is, “We’ve followed your vision for two hours, Mr./Ms. Director. Don’t wimp out at the end. It’s your story — make a choice.”)

Well, now you can address those resolutions — or, at least whine about them to people who might second your frustrations — in the comments section below. “Endings” can mean the actual final moments of a movie, TV series, or book, or the sign-off of a particular storyline or character throughout. Two rules: (1) Please list the name of the show, movie, or book you’re altering first, IN ALL CAPS, so spoiler-phobes can decide whether or not to read your entry. (I figured The Bodyguard was a safe enough example to picture since “I Will Always Love You,” below, is kinda self-explanatory, and famous.) (2) Do not get mad at PopWatch if you can’t stop yourself and read something you shouldn’t.

Enter at your own risk…