Star Trek: The Original Series’s resident Flash guru, Mark S. Luckie, just presented a collection of 12 tech toys that we’d love to steal from the movies and TV. Which one makes your wish list? (Feel free to go off-script and choose something we didn’t.)

Let’s see. I’m a practical girl. My life isn’t sticky enough to warrant Men in Black‘s Neuralizer… Anyone who saw Annie Barrett and me hitting each other in the face yesterday with the “New Arrival” balloon Oxygen sent over to promote Tori & Dean knows I shouldn’t be trusted with a working lightsaber… Click‘s universal remote sounds rather appealing, but I’m guessing there’s some moral there about not f’ing with time… I don’t really want a plug in my head, so I’ll just have to hope that Trinity is around if a helicopter needs to be flown… Assuming Star Trek‘s beam machine isn’t considered a “toy,” I’ll have to go with The Fifth Element‘s makeup applicator (pictured). Not because I’m vain, but because I’m clueless when it comes to that stuff. You?

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