It’s true, y’all. For the third year, the USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship will be televised — this time as an hourlong Best Damn Sports Show Period special on Fox Sports in October. The event will take place the weekend of June 20 in Las Vegas. (Watch 2007’s awesomely bad title match below.)

The 2008 winner gets $50,000, plus a trip to Beijing for the Summer Olympics.In China, he (or she?) will represent the U.S. in the inauguralInternational Rock Paper Scissors Federation Championship, competingagainst RPS champions from Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, Ireland andMalaysia. (Occasionally, you’ve gotta love this crazy world we live in.)

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being definitely), how likelywould it be for you to stop and watch a RPS event were you to stumbleupon it while channel surfing? (If you enjoy watching curling, like me,you’re at least an 8.) And does anyone reading this actually belong tothe USARPSL? We need details…