Pop newcomer Katy Perry has a top 5 single with “I Kissed a Girl,” but how does singer-songwriter Jill Sobule, who had a 1995 hit of the same name, feel about its success? “I don’t feel precious about the title, but I’ve gotten tons of e-mails from annoyed fans,” she tells “Some think it’s more of a Girls Gone Wild thing than anything shocking or empowering to true gay feelings.” Sobule’s song pre-dates The L Word and Ellen DeGeneres’ TV outing and caused a minor controversy when it was released. “Maybe I’ll write a third ‘I Kissed a Girl’ for fun,” she cracks. “It will be about how I kissed her, Ieft the dull boyfriend, got gay-married in California, and really no one gave a s—” Still, Sobule does confess: “Katy Perry’s song is a kind of catchy party song, although I will admit that I do smile when a critique mentions my version in a more favorable light. Is that wrong?”

Sobule is currently in the studio with Don Was putting the finishing touches on her seventh full-length album, which she was able to finance via an unconventional fan-focused fund-raising campaign that generated over $75,000 in donations.

Perry’s debut, One of the Boys, will be released on June 17. A second track from the album, “UR So Gay,” is also buzzing thanks to a key endorsement by Madonna on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show last month. Madge called it “hilarious” and said it was her favorite song of the moment.

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