(FROM VARIETY) ? Atom Egoyan’s next project as writer-director will be Seven Wonders, about a love triangle that blends reality and fantasy. The story focuses on a woman named Pandora who, after a failed romance, becomes consumed by a relationship between a commercials director and the director’s boyfriend. Her obsession leads her to follow the director as she shoots commercials at the Seven Wonders of the World. Egoyan (Adoration, The Sweet Hereafter) says that he is interested in how modern technology makes it so easy to get in touch with people that relationships can get complicated; in Seven, Pandora meets the female director online, leading to ambiguity over whether some of what is being shown is taking place only in her mind. Egoyan’s most recent film, Adoration, debuted at Cannes this year and is scheduled for release by Sony Pictures Classics. It focuses on a shattered family, modern communication, and an act of international terrorism that might not have happened. The filmmaker was nominated for an Oscar for best director and best adapted screenplay for The Sweet Hereafter and exec produced Sarah Polley’s 2007 directorial debut Away From Her. He is set to direct Eh Joe at New York’s Lincoln Center this summer, based on Samuel Beckett’s play. (Hollywood Reporter)