Saved, Celia Keenan-Bolger

The exclamation point has been dropped from this stage adaptation of the 2004 film Saved! — and so, too, has much of the edge that characterized the cult dramedy. (Of course the movie isn’t that great to begin with, despite its excellent cast: A dotty affair about a Christian teen’s attempt to ”save” her gay boyfriend, resulting in her untimely pregnancy and eventual social exile, it’s little more than a preachy feel-good pic.) Now, the plot has been expanded from a 90-minute movie into a 140-minute musical, and some of its chief revelations take much longer to arrive (for example, Mary, the naive girl at the center of the story, played here by the charming Celia Keenan-Bolger, gets preggers much earlier in the film). But slightly updated for the Facebook generation — a la Legally Blonde, but not as energized — the stage show features some dialogue that zings (”Heard the good news?” ”You have cancer?”), and a few truly inventive performances. Mary Faber, for one, is a knockout as the unctuous mean-girl adversary, and she’s infinitely funnier and more sensitive than her on-screen counterpart, Mandy Moore. If only Saved could have abandoned the repetitive score, which contains some very unfortunate lyrics (”life is screwy…grab on to a life buoy!”). The attractive cast delivers it all with gusto, but this sweet little show could have used a little more Inspiration. (Tickets: 212-279-4200 or B-

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