(FROM AP) ? Defense attorneys in the R. Kelly child pornography trial rested their case on Monday (June 9) after calling several key witnesses last week. Jurors are due back in court on Tuesday when prosecutors will call two rebuttal witnesses to testify. Closing arguments will likely begin on Thursday.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to charges accusing him of videotaping himself having sex with a female the prosecution says was at young as 13. Last week, members of the girl’s family testified that the person seen in the tape was not the female prosecutors allege she is. Both Kelly and the alleged victim herself deny that they are the ones depicted in the video. The defense also called a forensic expert who testified that a black mark seen on Kelly’s back in the video looks more like a glitch on the tape than a mole. The mole is a key part of the prosecution’s argument that the man in the tape is in fact Kelly. The forensics expert said that the mole seems to only appear intermittently throughout the video, stating that he believes it to be a video distortion caused by multiple copies of the tape. (AP via Yahoo!)