I’m a comic book fan through and through, but even I had no intention of seeing the Edward Norton-starring Incredible Hulk this summer, following Ang Lee’s disastrous turn in 2003. Since most of my money goes to Marvel Comics as it is (and really, if you’re aren’t picking up Ed Brubaker’s Captain America, there is something seriously wrong with you), I didn’t think they’d miss yet more of my hard-earned cash. But now I’m thinking that Marvel really, really wants me to reconsider my decision with their latest TV spot:

Maybe it’s a little desperate of Marvel to blow their RDJ wad within the first 10 seconds of their ad, but I have to admit, it totally worked on me. The cameo wasn’t the best-kept secret in nerdland, but I had figured 30 seconds of spectacular facial hair wouldn’t justify my 10 bucks. I was wrong. Now, after only being exposed to the Stark charm for a grand total of four seconds, The Incredible Hulk is starting to look something like a worthwhile investment. Maybe I’m just shallow, but the power of Stark’s ‘stache is awfully compelling.

What about you, PopWatchers? Is Marvel’s transparent ploy to ride the coattails of Iron Man’s surprising success working on you too? Or am I just a really easy target?