Angel, David Boreanaz
Credit: Everett Collection

Not that we need to give Hulu another plug this week, but as the heat wave in New York City continues (Haha, God, very funny, now turn the air back on!), we feel the need to applaud them for thinking up the “Hulu Days of Summer.” Starting June 16th, for eight straight weeks, the site will be premiering TV shows and full-length movies daily. Because I we begged, they just told PopWatch that Season 1 of Angel will debut on June 23. Mark your calendars. (But don’t worry, I’ll we’ll issue a reminder.)

Here’s a peek at the first week’s lineup:

Monday, 6/16: Lost In Translation
Tuesday, 6/17: The Three Stooges
Wednesday, 6/18: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Thursday, 6/19: PBS-palooza (Note: That’s my title, not Hulu’s. Includes NOVA, Carriers, Scientific American Frontiers, Wired Science and Design e2)
Friday, 6/20: Bring It On

What other TV shows and movies would you love to see Hulu introduce during its Days of Summer? You know The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report were just added. Recent episodes play directly on Hulu, while archive clips are links to the videos on the shows’ websites. After the jump, two of our favorite classic Colbert moments from The Daily Show... just because.

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“Prince Charles Scandal”

“Full Metal Junket”

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