Eddie Cibrian, Ugly Betty
Credit: Karen Neal

A post on Eddie Cibrian today seems random, I know. (Hello, I filed it under “Apropos of Nothing.”) But I’ve found myself contemplating his career recently, so I thought I’d go ahead and ask: What do you think of him?

A) I don’t.
B) He’s ready to headline his own show. (Probably on ABC, which appears to have a bit of a woody for him.)
C) While I’ve definitely enjoyed his recent guest spots on Samantha Who? and Ugly Betty (pictured),I’m not ready to watch a show just for him.

I’m gonna go with C. Partly because I’d miss seeing him pop up unexpectedly, like a cherry on top of a TV sundae. And partly because last weekend, when I Hulu’d Vanished, I watched all of Gale Harold’s episodes, but didn’t feel the need to soldier on when Cibrian replaced him as leading man. (Though perhaps that speaks more to that show than to Eddie.)

Regardless, I think we all have to admit that Cibrian is one of those fortunate actors who will only be getting better roles (and better looking) with age. Who else is on that list?

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