Never one to let my friends embarrass themselves in silence, I am proud to bring you the Survivor audition tape of my pal Lindsay Robertson, co-proprietor of Videogum, and quite possibly the worst candidate for that show in the history of ever. Of course, this isn’t quite serious — she did it on a dare — but there are still several things to recommend it. I particularly enjoy the copy of Infinite Jest sitting oh-so-casually on the coffee table, as if to say “Oh that? It’s just a 1,079 page PoMo novel that I not only read years ago, but keep nearby in case I want to flip through it again.” See for yourself:

And now, PopWatchers, it’s confession time: Ever tried out for Survivor (or any other reality show)? More importantly: Got video? If I see enough honesty in the comments, I may be persuaded to embarrass myself very publicly here next week, so c’mon, kids, cough it up.

Strange Bedfellows
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