As a child of the ’80s, the awesome grooviliciousness that was the ’70s is slightly beyond the scope of my pop-culture literacy. Sure, I can throw down a good Welcome Back, Kotter or KC and the Sunshine Band reference when need be, but that only gets one so far. Which is why I heart shows like I Love the ’70s, and CBS newbie Swingtown (starring Grant Show, pictured).They’re so educational! I feel smarter already! Here are a few things I learned about the disco decade from last night’s premiere:

1. Quaaludes are cool!
Forget Valium and your kid’s ADD medicine; ludes are the surefire way to get that mellow yellow feeling. BONUS POINT: I now understand what Elizabeth Perkins meant in that first season Weeds episode when she says she’s going to take the last Quaalude on Earth. Those things are illegal!

2. The Bicentennial wasn’t such a big deal
To hear baby boomers speak of it, America’s 200th birthday was the hottest shindig this side of the Boston Tea Party. Heck, they even made commemorative quarters for it. But the folks in this Chicago suburb choose to celebrate the occasion a day early (why?) and don’t seem to make any extra fuss — unless an orgy counts.

3. Smokes on a Plane
OK, so I was informed it wasn’t actually that long ago that smoking was finally banned from the friendly skies. I blame my parents for not taking me on European vacations. Or to Florida.

4. People actually drank Tab
I’ve heard of Tab. I’ve even seen it in a few pop machines. But I had no idea it was ever consumed. Apparently it was Diet Coke before there was Diet Coke.

Your turn, PopWatchers. Did you glean any history lessons from last night’s episode? And did you ever drink Tab?