The 10 hottest topics for the week of June 13, 2008

1 Guys Choice awards celebrate Cameron Diaz for ”Decade of Hotness”
But the guys then found her guilty of triggering the global-climate-change crisis.

2 John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston reportedly hang with Courteney Cox Arquette
We’re a mere monkey away from a sitcom here.

3 James Franco says MTV gave him and Seth Rogen bag of ”fake weed”
He called MTV ”not a good friend” but stopped short of charging them with bogarting.

4 In Universal Studios fire, Wisteria Lane intact, Ghost Whisperer set not so lucky
At least the fire had taste.

5 Latest New Kids on the Block video features ”new dance moves, helicopter rides, Donnie running on the beach”
I thought I felt a camera crew setting up inside my head, because this is what I dream about.

6 New comic will redefine relationship between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman
Let’s just say there were some awkward moments in the Bat Cave’s ”Jungle Room” around about 1974.

7 Rainn Wilson to play small role in Transformers 2
He will play Optimus Prime’s high-strung, humorless cube-mate, whom Optimus attempts to prank and accidentally crushes.

8 Eco-conscious Planet Green cable network launches
It’s the most environmentally friendly way to burn off a hangover on your couch.

9 Mel Brooks won’t close his production office, will continue developing horror film The Pizza Man
He’s never gotten over the time Domino’s mistakenly delivered ”The Treif Lover’s Crab Burger Pork-za.”

10 Upcoming film to tell of George Hamilton’s early years
Tenderly, it will depict 6-year-old George’s first awkward tan.

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