We rate pop culture for the week of June 13, 2008 including Rachael Ray, the ''Lost'' finale, an ''Inconvenient Truth'' opera, and more

By EW Staff
Updated June 06, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

· Lost creators do believe in happy endings. Penny and Desmond finally reunite
· Lingering Sex and the City question: They lock lips, but is Stanthony really a couple?
· Better week than usual to be Kimbo Slice: Mixed martial-arts program on CBS nabs good ratings

Near Misses
· Worse week than usual to be Rachael Ray: unwittingly wears pro-Palestinian scarf; is trounced by Neil Patrick Harris on Million Dollar Password
· An Inconvenient Truth set to become an opera. Ever hear of noise pollution?

· This press release headline: ”Corey Feldman readies for multiple summer projects.”
· Usher‘s meltdown on TRL…Sorry, man. Mariah did it better.