It’s a real-life look at Pamela Anderson that features real-life shots of her men, her playtime, and her goal to create “really sexy” beach body products in Los Angeles. But whatever you do, just don’t call Pam: Girl on the Loose — Anderson’s new show debuting Aug. 3 on E! — a reality show. Anderson and her production team insist that it’s an “observational documentary,” a moniker that even has some E! insiders scratching their heads. But Anderson has an explanation. “Everybody has asked me to do a reality [show] since reality was invented. I think I was one of the first targets,” she told EW. “That’s why I call it a documentary. I think reality is its own niche. This is taking what’s popular and making it my own.”

One way the show distiguishes itself from other reality shows on TV is with its shooting style. While most reality shows use multiple cameras, E! insiders say Pam is a single-camera show shot on film. “It’s different from what I’ve seen,” insists Anderson. “I’m not a reality fan. I just don’t think humiliation is funny.” Still, she promises plenty of foibles that fall right in line with some of more trash-tastic realities on TV today. “You’ll see my adventures, my boobs, my friends, my butt — plain old domesticity,” says Anderson. “It’s not just all smoke and mirrors. It’s nitty-gritty, too. I’m surprised at how revealing it is.” — With reporting by Jennifer Armstrong