Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

I am so grateful that the Sex and the City cast and crew have made this movie for the fans.
Rebecca Rindt
Wausau, Wis.

I applaud the writers, photographers, designers, and editors who pooled their talents for the Sex and the City special issue! It was entertaining to see how each character’s personality and fashion sense had evolved over the years. And the pullout map of hot spots was better than any Sex and the City bus tour.
Gayle L. Siegel
Clarksville, Md.

I get it: Sex and the City changed the way we all look at women in their 30s; Sarah Jessica Parker is the master when it comes to changing a minidress into a work of art; and cosmos are delicious. But 63 pages? Enough already!
Stephen Riordan
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The photos of Carrie’s tutu and seafoam gown were a godsend. For years, I have been scouring the Internet for a good, clear photo of that dress. Now I finally have it!
Pat Muniosguren
San Mateo, Calif.

Your special double issue was a real blow to my Battlestar Galactica/Oceanic 6/Ain’t It Cool News/Hiro Nakamura — lovin’ self. On behalf of all geeks, I ask, ”What the frak?”
Lacy Saye
Celeste, Tex.

I saw glimpses of it on Law & Order. I definitely saw it on Sex and the City. So why does no one else see that Chris Noth would be the perfect candidate for any Cary Grant film remake? The Philadelphia Story, starring Noth, Cate Blanchett, and Tom Hanks, anyone?
Stacy Nowinski
Layton, Utah

Although I wish you had given out more A’s in the episode guide (only 15 out of 94 episodes!), your picture of the ”ugly” engagement ring made me smile — until I looked at my own hand and promptly stuck it in my pocket.
Erma Sanders
Riverview, Fla.

Renaissance Man
Thanks for the great Spotlight piece on Rob Corddry. His performance in What Happens in Vegas made the movie, and I can’t wait for his dramatic turn in Oliver Stone’s W.
Cutter Garcia
Los Angeles

‘Serenity,’ Now!
I really appreciated the Dollhouse preview (Television). However, the sidebar said Serenity gave fans closure. It didn’t. We want more. Not until the Serenity trilogy boxed set is in my movie collection will I even remotely feel a sense of closure.
Josh Look
Vernon, Conn.