Stars like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Johnny Depp don't always score box office gold

Do stars always win at the box office? As this sampling shows, only when they follow their own blockbuster rules.

Brad Pitt
His appeal overseas is so massive that even his domestic failures (e.g., Tibet) are profitable — to a point (Jesse James). But his biggest hits happen when he’s blond and beautiful (Troy).
Interview With the Vampire (1994): $224 million
Seven Years in Tibet (1997): $131 million
Ocean’s Eleven (2001): $451 million
Troy (2004): $497 million
The Assassination of Jesse James (2007): $15 million

Julia Roberts
The Pretty Woman learned long ago that audiences hate it when she’s dour (see Mary Reilly). Her smile is still platinum, but like all A-list women over 35, she has to look harder for good roles.
Pretty Woman (1990): $463 million
Mary Reilly (1996): $12 million
Notting Hill (1999): $364 million
Mona Lisa Smile (2003): $141 million
Charlie Wilson’s War (2007): $117 million

Johnny Depp
Perhaps the luckiest of the trio, Depp continues to make arty passion projects while pulling record-breaking box office with a family franchise that suits his eccentricities (see Pirates).
Edward Scissorhands (1990): $86 million
Don Juan DeMarco (1995): $69 million
Blow (2001): $83 million
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006): $1.1 billion
Sweeney Todd (2007): $152 million