Terrifying television, ''Hulk'' coverage, an Adam Sandler role call, and more

1. Terrifying Television
This summer, NBC hopes to give you the chills with its new horror anthology series, Fear Itself. And if you dare, read our roundup of the freakiest shows ever made (like The X-Files).

2. He Said What?
Don’t be the last one to hear: Our daily Sound Bites video clips let you catch up on the funniest bits from such favorites as Letterman the morning after they air.

3. The Green Giant
Get more Hulk than you can handle with our behind-the-scenes footage (featuring Tim Roth and other costars) of the Incredible Hulk videogame.

4. A Cure for Your Summertime Blues
Reruns are for suckers. Get the scoop on fresh summer TV all season long, thanks to our juicy recaps of Swingtown, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, and more.

5. Up and Adam
As Adam Sandler kicks it in theaters as a Mossad agent-turned-NYC hairstylist in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, we recall his career highs (Happy Gilmore) and lows (Little Nicky).