Decoding the 'Lost' finale -- One EW critic tries to answer the unanswered questions

Decoding the ‘Lost’ finale

How did Locke get in the coffin?
Last seen on the Island, the boar-hunting baldie had become the Others’ jungle king. But three years later, Locke was apparently living off Island as ”Jeremy Bentham” (another Lost philosopher reference: Check your Wikipedia for added value, folks!), begging the Oceanic 6 to go back with him, and then he allegedly committed suicide.
Locke’s death is a trick — part of the Island’s plan to manipulate the Oceanic 6 into returning. When they bring his body back, he’ll be magically revived.

Where did the Island go?
Ben descended into an icy cave underneath a Dharma Initiative time-travel lab and pushed on an ancient wheel. Like an American Idol contestant, the Island vanished in a blaze of light and sound, taking Locke, Juliet, and shirtless Sawyer with it.
The Island is located in a separate dimension. Pushing the wheel closed the door to that realm. Pushing it again would reopen it.

What did Sawyer whisper to Kate?
With Lapidus’ helicopter leaking fuel, Sawyer heroically chose to lighten the load by jumping out into the ocean — but before he did, he whispered a final request into Kate’s ear, then smooched her.
The con man asked his crush to check up on Clementine, the daughter he fathered with con gal (and Kate acquaintance) Cassidy. Then again, maybe he just said, ”When you come back, can you bring me a shirt?”