Okay, PopWatchers, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been a little obsessed with My Morning Jacket of late. I make no apologies — Evil Urges is an effing great album, and I cannot wait to see them play between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. at Bonnaroo next week. So how happy was I when my friend Dan e-mailed over this link to the Black Cab Sessions, a site wherein they stick an artist in the back seat of a London taxi and give them one take to perform a song? Click over and you’ll see Jim James and guitarist Carl Broemel doing an admirable job of holding it together as the cab jostles and jiggles their performance of “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2” (hooray, omnichord!). I’d embed it here, but they haven’t posted a borrowable version on YouTube yet; instead, please enjoy Britt Daniel and “I Summon You.”