Now that Sylvester Stallone’s fourth tour as Rambo was last week’s No. 1 DVD rental, perhaps PopWatch can finally get a little amen to our post-opening weekend dubbing of it as “the best movie 1986 never gave us.”

Mike Sampson at JoBlo could be a witness. Noting that Stallone has reportedly told a Swedish newspaper that he will “take Rambo to another genre” and “experiment a little with the character” in a fifth film, Sampson spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming possible foes. Or, at least a photo editor spent a considerable amount of time putting Rambo in pictures with the likes of John McClane, Alan “Dutch” Shaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator character), and Chucky, as well as some jet-loving, Samuel-L.-Jackson-hating serpents (pictured).

Who should Rambo fight next?

addCredit(“Sylvester Stallone: Karen Ballard”)