(FROM VARIETY) ? Bruce Willis is in talks for a staring role in Lionsgate’s planned movie adaptation of Eidos Interactive’s videogame Kane & Lynch: Dead Man. The game, which launched last November, pairs characters Adam ”Kane” Marcus (Willis) and James Lynch after they meet on death row and are attacked and kidnapped by Kane’s former team, who force them to uncover a stolen microchip that Kane has hidden. Casting is underway for Lynch. Simon Crane, who served as second unit director and stunt coordinator on Hancock, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Troy, and X-Men: The Last Stand, will make his feature directing debut on the project. Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter will produce with Jason Blumenthal and Todd Black and the Willis Brothers Co. Askarieh and Alter also produced the adaptation of Eidos’ Hitman, which starred Timothy Olyphant and grossed $100 million for 20th Century Fox, and are currently developing Jonny Quest at Warner Bros., Hack/Slash at Rogue, and Spy-Hunter for Universal. (Variety)