Radiohead, Dave Matthews, Foo Fighters, Motley Crue, and more explain why you should catch them on the road this season
Credit: Harry Borden/Corbis Outline


The Brit indie-proggers kick off the second leg of their eco-friendly U.S. tour at Lollapalooza in Chicago (Aug. 1-3). Also on their itinerary is the All Points West Festival in Jersey City’s Liberty State Park (Aug. 8-10) and a two-night stint at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. (Aug. 24-25).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You recently played a lot of OK Computer at a show for the BBC. Is that an indication of what you might be performing this summer?
COLIN GREENWOOD, BASSIST: No. It will obviously be a lot of stuff from the new record, In Rainbows. But the set list won’t be on the back of the laminate, the same songs for the next three months. We’ve got around 50 songs that we can play. What I’m really excited about is the crazy laser light show. I say ”laser light show” in the loosest sense. What are they called in Star Wars? Lightsabers! You can send pulses of light from the ceiling to the floor. It should be trippy.

Will fans at any point shout for ”Free Bird”?
I think three out of five of the people on the stage wouldn’t know what it was. They’d think you were just shouting about animal rights. Is that Lynyrd Skynyrd? You’d be better off shouting for an early New Order song.

Favorite tour-bus activity: Scrabulous or sex?
Well, I think you can get Internet on the tour bus now…. No, we’ll catch up on some films. Maybe Radiohead should start a book club. Not on TV. It would just be us on the bus. One week it would be the last Philip Roth and then, the next big bus journey we had, we could talk about the new Vidiadhar Naipaul biography. People do that, don’t they?