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Credit: Everett Collection

So I just saw the trailer for The Women, which opens Sept. 12 and stars Meg Ryan,Annette Bening (left), Eva Mendes, Debra Messing (right), and Jada Pinkett Smith (center), and,well, I feel… afraid. Very afraid. Why? Watch the trailer, and then let’s discuss.

Four women in one of two available emotional states (panicked orelated), dolled up and talking about men (those cheating bastards!) andpregnancy, along with shots of yipping toy poodles and perfume and nailpolish… plus Candice Bergen in the resigned-yet-lovablemommy role… uh oh. I smell a formula. If this is what Hollywood hasin store for my demo (female, thirty-ish, urban), I’m returning my TiVoand buying a house in Svalbard.

Maybe the title cards that they flash, as the trailer scrollson by, might provide some sort of plotline or heft or dimensionalityor, heck, anything with a smattering of substance:

addCredit(“The Women: Everett Collection”)

When the women get together… there will be no lies… nosecrets… no warnings… this fall… the ultimate battle… between everywoman… and the other woman… begins.

To quote my estimable collegue M. Slezak: Blurg. I’d rather see every superhero movie out this summer while wearing my Underoos than sit through this drivel. Am I the only one who feels this way, or am I due for a restructuring of my chromosomes?

Hell to the No!
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