Looking at the trailer for J.J. Abrams’ new fall Fox drama Fringe (h/t to Wired‘s Underwire blog), my first thought was: Are you sure it’s not supposed to be called “Syringe”? Look, there’s a guy injecting himself with some horrible flesh-eating plague — on an airplane full of passengers! (Guess it costs extra to sit in the no-plague section.) Look, there’s newcomer Anna Torv, as a persistent FBI agent, getting strapped to electrodes in some Frankenstein lab! Look, there’s Blair Brown from Altered States! It looks like Abrams has tossed the intrigue and paranoia of his Alias and Lost (hey, there’s Lance Reddick, Lost‘s creepy Matthew Abbadon!) into a blender with the clinical gore and putrefaction so casually displayed on shows like the CSIs and House. Fun for the whole family! I dunno, this could be interesting, and it’s always good to see Brown, and it’ll be nice to see Joshua Jackson playing a grownup, but I lost interest about a minute-and-a-half into this trailer. Guns, gene-splicing, paranormal abilities — been there, done that, much of it on a little show you may have heard of called The X-Files. Got something else, J.J.? Don’t hold out on us.