It’s safe to say that my crush on Queer as Folk‘s Gale Harold is on. I clicked through four of QAF‘s five seasons on YouTube over the weekend. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. I phoned my friend Sheila and told her that I needed an intervention: I couldn’t stop watching, and that was a problem considering I actually had to read and review a book. She suggested I turn the viewing of episodes into a reward. Like read a 100 pages, watch an episode. That sounded so sane… but so beyond my level of will power. I am a binge viewer. If you give me access to 22 episodes of a show that I like, I will watch 10 of them in one sitting. Having them at my fingertips feels decadent, like they were created just to entertain me. And that’s a high that lasts right up until the moment that I realize I only have one season of the show left to watch, and that maybe, after all I invested, I won’t like the ending.

So, are you a binge viewer like me? (If so, tell me about your longest binge.) Are you a reward viewer like Sheila? (If so, tell me how you do it.) Or, are you a complete mystery like my friend Robb, who says he’s never watched TV on DVD because the idea of having 22 episodes waiting for him is too overwhelming? (“I can’t commit.”)