Credit: Patrick Hoelck

After a year that included facing a potential 30-year sentence on a gun-possession charge (he pleaded guilty and struck a deal for house arrest, community service, and then a year in jail), rapper T.I. is returning to the public eye with an MTV reality series that will chronicle his everyday life — post-ankle bracelet and pre-prison. “The show basically documents the road of redemption that I’ll be traveling the next few months,” T.I. told on the gold carpet at last night’s 2008 MTV Movie Awards. “I think it will be a great way for people to get to know me as a person, not just someone that you read about and see on TV. It will show that I’m someone who made a mistake, but I’m in no way going to let that define me or my future. I’m going to accept responsibility and stand up and move forward.” According to reports, the show will pick up with T.I.’s recent release from house arrest and wrap upon his return to jail in early 2009. It will also follow him through the music-making process (his new album Paper Trail is due August 12) and 1000 hours of community service that he’s ordered to carry out. Adds T.I.: “My main focus is to turn my negatives into positives.” (With reporting by Jenny Sundel)

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