Willie Garson, Sex and the City
Credit: Craig Blankenhorn

Much like the majority of the nation’s movie-going public, I headed to the Cineplex this weekend to catch the Sex and the City movie. [Please stop reading if, like me, you’re crazy spoilerphobic and want to avoid even the smallest plot details.] And while I generally enjoyed the film (despite wishing it had a few more laughs and, as usual, taking issue with the too-often infuriating central romance), one thing struck me as I made my way into work this morning: the scarcity of dialog for Carrie Bradshaw’s head gay, Stanford Blatch (pictured). In fact, until I double-checked with my pal Kristen Baldwin, I wasn’t sure actor Willie Garson spoke a single word in the SATC movie. (Kristen reminded me that Stanford did indeed toss out the zinger, “When I get married I’m going to wear something just like it — only bigger!” during Carrie’s Vogue shoot.)

Yeah, I know Stanford scored one laugh-out-loud moment — that New Year’s smooch with Mario Cantone’s Anthony — yet I couldn’t help but wonder: Did anyone else think his role was a little bit anemic? And was there anything else about the movie that left you scratching your head? Holla back!

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