So it goes without saying that I won’t be paying $11 to see the Richard Gere-Diane Lane romance Nights in Rodanthe when it hits theaters in October. The teaser trailer below (which played before Sex and the City this weekend) is more peculiar than it is enticing. I mean, doesn’t the beach house that serves as the central set piece look like it’s made out of high-quality cardboard? And how exactly does it avoid getting washed away at high tide, considering its positioning right on the beach? Also: Standing in the direct path of a charging herd of wild horses is not romantic; it’s scary. Sorry, romancionados, not even that “from the bestselling author of The Notebook and Message in a Bottle” tagline is gonna get me to open my wallet.

That said, I am almost certain I’ll catch Nights in Rodanthe on some lazy Sunday afternoon, or perhaps a gloriously woozy sick day, sometime in 2010. What better way to enjoy Lane and Gere’s giddy game of trashketball than under the influence of NyQuil. (The easier to shed tears when Gere comes to inevitable terms with his Big Doctor-y Mistake, or when/if Lane says goodbye to the unbearable hotness that is Christopher Meloni.) And it won’t be all angst all the time — there’s Viola Davis offering sassy support ™ and Lane dancing in front of a bookshelf to an Oldie But a Goodie ®! Resistance is futile — especially if you’ve already seen Sweet November, Forces of Nature, and Miss Congeniality on three or more occasions!

What say you, PopWatchers? Will you see Nights in Rodanthe on the big screen, the small screen, or no screen whatsoever? All must be revealed!