Among the music notables on the green carpet at Los Angeles’ Greek Theater the other night (to view the final stage showdown of Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee, a month-long campaign/reality show airing on the brand new Planet Green network) were San Diego rockers Switchfoot, whose hit “Dare You to Move” was one of the three final numbers that clinched David Cook’s American Idol win. Singer Jon Foreman told he was “honored” by the performance, which the band watched live. “We had just taped Leno and were over at a buddy’s house for a barbeque when it came on,” he said. “It was kind of a surreal moment. It’s a really tough song to sing and I think he did a great job.” As for Cook’s future prospects? “People get all up in arms about the concept of instant success, but who knows what he’s gone through to get here or where he’ll head,” said Foreman. “Ultimately, I think it’s about music winning, and making music fans out of kids who can discover these older songs. It’s better than playing video games.”

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