Gearing up for the May 30 movie, we're grading every show in the TV series. In this batch, the women head to Atlantic City, Charlotte falls for a sweaty bald guy named Harry, and Carrie enters the beginning of the Berger era

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Episode 67: ”Anchors Away”

Carrie couldn’t help but wonder… ”When it comes to being carefree single girls, have we missed the boat?”

Plot Shaken by Charlotte’s theory that everyone gets just two great loves, single Carrie starts ”dating” Manhattan. Samantha plasters Richard’s hood with flyers calling him a lyin’ cheat.

Creative casting A pre-Grey’s Anatomy Chandra Wilson as a cop who almost busts Samantha for her placarding; Rescue Me‘s Daniel Sunjata as a sailor in for Fleet Week.

Best sound bite ”So, he’s manthrax?” —Carrie to Samantha, about Richard

Critique The first episode shot after 9/11 is a classy love letter to a city in distress. And Samantha’s payback antics are a riot. ”Dirty martini? Dirty bastard!” she says, throwing a drink in Richard’s face. A-

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