E! · Aug. 3 · 10:30 PM · Number of episodes: 8

The Scoop
Janelle, a troublemaking manager of the L.A.-based tanning franchise, will attempt to spread her wings by opening up a satellite operation in Las Vegas. Owners Jeff Bozz and Devin Hamon hire a brunette named Jenae to operate their mobile tanning unit, and assistant manager Erin dates a hardbody. ”He’s a pro volleyball player!” says exec producer Jay James. ”If he feels good enough to take his shirt off at the beach, then he’s good enough for our show.”
Celebrity Gold
Rest assured, the chichi tanning salon will continue to serve many famous faces. ”We tan celebrities like Mario Lopez, his girlfriend, and Robin Leach,” says James. OMG, did he just say Mario Lopez’s girlfriend? We’re there! —Lynette Rice