Pamela Anderson's return to TV -- What to expect on the star's new E! reality series

New Show · E! · Aug. 3 · Time TBD · Number of episodes: 8

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is it good to be back on TV?
PAMELA ANDERSON: I don’t miss doing TV. It’s so much work. But this way is much easier for me.

With approximately 9 million celebrities doing reality shows this summer, why should people watch yours?
ANDERSON: I’m not a big reality fan. I thought, How can I do something different? [On my show] nothing is contrived; everything is spontaneous. We’re shooting it on film, so it’s nothing like I’ve seen. What inspires me is [Beyond the Valley of the Dolls director] Russ Meyer, sexy-girl stuff, and ’60s jazzy American noir movies. I’m bringing those kinds of inspirations. Between that and doing laundry on television, it should be interesting.

So why do a reality show if you don’t like the genre?
ANDERSON: I get eight episodes to do a wacky self-portrait. And I’m having a good time. I’m an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid of being filmed; I’m afraid of not being filmed. Yesterday I was in the bathtub shaving my legs and having an interview. There’s something sexy about shaving your legs in front of your boyfriend — not necessarily the whole world, but we’ll see.

Not that the leg shaving isn’t enough, but what else will we see?
ANDERSON: You’ll see my work, my play, my adventures, my boobs, my friends, my butt. You won’t see my children — I drop my kids off at school, and we shoot until I pick them up. But you do get a sense of how important my family is to me. I have an [80-unit housing] development I’m building in Canada in a small marina — we’re going to film a little bit of that, and we’re going to film my house being built here [in Malibu]. I’m semi-homeless right now.

Will we see any of your notorious dating life?
ANDERSON: I don’t know if you call it dating, but you’ll see men around. We haven’t had any weddings yet while filming, but I won’t rule it out because sometimes I can’t control myself.