''Summertime,'' ''Atliens,'' ''Live at the Barbeque,'' and more are sure to heat up your summer cookout

1. ”SUMMERTIME,” DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Fire up the grill to a classic, as Will Smith sets the scene: ”Break to ya crib, change your clothes once more/’Cause you’re invited to a barbecue that’s starting at 4!”

2. ”ATLIENS,” OutKast
Lots of tracks encourage listeners to ”throw ya hands in the air/And wave ’em like you just don’t care,” but this one has the grooviest bass line.

Keep things hopping with an alt-rocker that boasts tasty Brazilian rhythms.

4. ”HOUSE BY THE SEA,” Iron and Wine
Listen to a rollicking folk-rock song about the ideal setting for an eat-athon, even if yours is elsewhere.

5. ”LIVE AT THE BARBEQUE,” Main Source
The ’91 cut deserves a spot for obvious reasons — and because it features a cameo from a little-known kid named Nas.

6. ”DROP,” the Pharcyde
A laid-back West Coast hip-hop jam that’ll keep everyone cool as the temperature peaks.

7. ”OVER AND OVER,” Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
Sensitive-guy country and singsong rap go great together on this easygoing duet.

8. ”THE LOVELY UNIVERSE,” Circulatory System
The warm psychedelic orchestration is ideally suited to a lazy afternoon spent outdoors…

9. ”TROPICAL ICE-LAND,” the Fiery Furnaces
…just ramp up the energy again with a breezy indie tune.

10. ”SHE’S NOT ME,” Madonna
Ease your guests out the door with a taste of Madge’s latest music. Supercatchy yet chilled out, it’s tailor-made for the comedown from a sweltering shindig.

(All songs available on iTunes)