(FROM HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) ? Michael Bay‘s Platinum Dunes is teaming with writer David Berenbaum (Elf) to develop a movie based on Hasbro’s supernatural game ”Ouija Board” for Universal. Little has been revealed about the plot, other than the game’s taking a central role. The first Ouija board was patented in 1890. Players put their fingers on a small planchette that ”mysteriously” moves to letters and numbers to spell out messages from beyond the earthly realm. Hasbro’s Parker Brothers has sold millions of ”Ouija Board” games since it started producing them in 1966. Platinum Dunes is known for its horror remakes, which include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror. The company is currently working on remakes of Nightmare on Elm Street, The Birds, and Friday the 13th, and is also developing Unborn, an original supernatural thriller being directed by David Goyer (Blade: Trinity). (Hollywood Reporter)