New Show · VH1 · Aug. 4 · 10 PM · Number of episodes: 8

The Scoop
VH1’s cameras follow former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell as he balances his home life with running Luke Entertainment Group — i.e., an adult-themed production company. ”One thing about my life that’s a big mystery is, who am I at home?” Campbell says. ”Most people think my life is just T&A all day.”
Father Knows Porn (and Best)
Campbell might not be Cliff Huxtable, but the show still highlights fatherhood dilemmas, including how he talks to his 15- and 17-year-olds about his career. ”People will see how I deal with those issues, which is what everyday adults have to deal with, [whether] they’re working with the Luke Entertainment Group or for IBM,” he says. —Kate Ward