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Feedback from our readers

As an Oliver Stone fan, I expect W will be like his other films: wildly inaccurate yet fascinating.
Jeff Littleton

I can’t believe Hollywood thinks we want to watch Bush-regime movies (”Playing President”). We’re past the days of That’s My Bush!, where we were entertained by actors in wigs and makeup. My conservative friends don’t want to see George W. Bush mocked, and my liberal friends don’t want to see him on screen, period!
Monica Marier
Leesburg, Va.

Your cover of Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks was incredibly haunting. Although they don’t look like the First Family, I can sense that they’ll be able to convey the gravity of this story.
Ross Iosefson
New York City

Don’t we get enough of Bush in newsmagazines? Now we have to see the ”entertainment” version, too? Gag me with a silver-plated commemorative GOP spoon!
Mark Muller
Brick, N.J.

This Is Our Youth
While I was pleased to see all types of media represented in ”Teen Nation,” from movies to music to television, there was one thing missing: the portrayal of teens in theater. Recent plays and musicals are starting to get it right. Spring Awakening, for one, presents a shocking, though not surprising, look at teen sexuality — and its legions of fans find that its message hits closer to home than the High School Musical franchise ever could.
Caty Siefert
Herrin, Ill.

After reading ”Teen Nation,” I realized I’m not the least bit hip by your standards. I’ve never seen The Hills or Gossip Girl — and have no interest in seeing them. I’m a 38-year-old who grew up with Heathers and Beverly Hills, 90210, yet I hardly consider myself a geezer. Maybe if I were interested in mind-numbing nonsense I would, like, totally be cool.
Mark Amaro
El Paso

Love, Tequila Style
How could you devote a feature to Tila Tequila (”The Bisexual Revolutionary”)? Her search for ”love” is a crock. And why is a second season of her show necessary? It’s more about ratings and fame than romance.
Scott Greene

Idling ‘Idol’
Mark Harris’ solutions for fixing American Idol were on-target (Television). His last point was especially valid: The show needs to stop editing the songs down to 90 seconds. It’s like chopping Gone With the Wind down to 90 minutes and expecting it to remain coherent.
Frank Russo
New Hartford, N.Y.

Harris’ revamp of Idol was hot, dawg, but he left out a biggie: Let the singers read lyrics off TelePrompTers! The show isn’t a spelling bee, after all.
Bob Gutowski
Jackson Heights, N.Y.